Time can be rewritten
I’m writing a Madge/Gale fanfic

Should I post it when I’m done?

This text post with 18 notes was posted 2 years ago on the 3rd of September, 2011.
Tags: #gadge #gale and madge #the hunger games #the hunger games fanfic
  1. girlwhowasonfire answered: OBVIOUSLY YESSSS.
  2. lemilylemon answered: pleeeeeeezzz!!!!
  3. heyfromhereonout answered: yes.
  4. insanityisinspiration answered: YEAAHH!
  5. createthegeek answered: YES!
  6. stiffabnegations answered: yes!
  7. be-divergent answered: YES X12243243265236536. i love them together !!!
  8. xjustsomegirlxx answered: YEAHHH
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